My bedroom


My room has been a work in progress for a long time now. My room was very narrow so i could not fit my wardrobe and my desk in the room at the same time and i did not have a door. So my dad decided that we should make it bigger, There was a lot more work than we anticipated and my dad has built it without any help so it turned out to be a longer and bigger project than we thought. But it is almost done and i almost can’t wait to start decorating. One of my favorite things to do is to decorate and i wanted to start with a clean slate. We decided to paint all the walls and the roof white so the room would feel light and spacious. The only piece of furniture that i already own that is going to my new room is my night stand so i have quite a bit of shopping to do on a small budget. One of the most important things i need in my room is a good work space and a lot of storage. I love to sew, knit, draw and make DIY projects so i have a lot of materials to store away. I am still looking for a DIY desk solution so if you have any ideas please tell me. Here are some of the things i want for my room and some inspiration.


I plan on making a peg board storage solution to hang over my desk.


This is the bed i am planning on buying from ikea


I have a bit of an obsession with brass lamps

cream closet - wide eyed legless

I want to make a hanging clothing rack of some kind


This is the chair i plan on buying for my desk


I love quilts and i am drooling over the quilts from Hopewell Workshop

If you have any ideas please tell me 🙂


Amsterdam Pride parade


I wanted to share some pictures i took at the pride parade in Amsterdam. It was a really hot and sunny, I sat at the edge of one of the canals with my sister and our mom. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities, it is so full of life and beautiful architecture. Our family travels almost every year there to visit friends and to go back to this city that we love so much.



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Almond and hemp milk


This Recipe makes about one liter of milk and is good over cereal, berries or just on its own. It will last for about two days in a refrigerator.

What you will need

1dl raw almonds

1dl hemp seeds

1 liter of water

a pinch of sea salt

3tbs of honey or agave syrup

a nut milk bag or a piece of cloth



Put the almonds in a bowl of water with the salt and let it soak over night. When the almonds are done soaking rinse them in cold water and add them to the bottom of your blender. You will then add the hemp seeds and the honey/agave. Pour the water in and blend until smooth and frothy. Pour the milk into your nut milk bag/cloth over a bowl and squeeze until there is no more liquid coming out from the bag. Set the milk in the refrigerator for one hour or until it is cold.


If you try this recipe please tell me how it went 🙂