The books i read in 2015 and what i think of them

Last year was one of my best reading years in a long time, I read a total of 12 books and i am very happy with that number. But if you are a reader you might think that 12 is quite a low number to read in a year but the reason the last couple of years have not been good reading years for me is because I have been sick. I found out in 2013 that i have ME (Myalgic¬†encephalomyelitis) But i first got sick in 2010. As a lot of you know reading takes a lot more energy than lets say watching a movie or a tv show so it started to get difficult for me to finish books and i got quite frustrated with myself. I eventually gave up on reading for a while. I have always loved to read and in many ways prefer reading over watching something as I feel it gives me a more complex and deeper understanding of a subject, person or a story. i have a tendency to choose heavy and long books that can be quite difficult to read through but are definitely worth it in the end, I guess I became a bit of a snob when it came to my book choices. But last year I decided to try to choose books that are fun and easier to read, this does not mean that these books are any less great. I think I ended up with a nice list of books that are varied in genre, size and style so here is my list. Continue reading “The books i read in 2015 and what i think of them”