The garden and our dogs


Krølle our border collie

I spent the day in the garden with my family painting and taking pictures of our sweet dogs. The weather has been so nice to us lately and i want to enjoy it as much as i can, our winters are very long and dark her in Norway so a bit of sunshine and heat is something that is very much appreciated. Our dogs where rolling on the freshly mowed lawn and soaking up the sun. We are going camping tomorrow and we are bringing the dogs so i will try to take more photos then.


Chica our Jack russel terrier_DSC0376

One wild strawberry hiding away in our herb garden.


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Picking berries with my sister


Me and my little sister decided to go out and pick some wild blueberries and strawberries. They grow on side of the road where we live and a lot of them where ripe right now. There is something so special about picking wild berries and bringing them home in a little basket, every summer we would walk our dogs and stop every so often to pick some berries and eat them right there while our fingers would turn blue.


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